“For our irreplaceable earth and environment. For the future of our children”

Japan is prone to unprecedented natural disasters, such as large-scale earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear accidents. Along with these risks, the national policy on energy is changing. However, our society and economy has always been dependent on fossil fuels.
Depletion of fossil fuel resources is inevitable, and extracting natural resources has degraded the environment. As a result, extreme weather has been observed in every corner of the globe.
In the wake of the traumatic Great East Japan Earthquake, we believe more people are aware of the energy crisis that we face. Now is the time to fully consider shifting to new alternative sources of energy.

We think about the next 100 years seriously. Major energy sources have been changing every century for 300 years since the Industrial Revolution, and its development has made the energy industry a crucial element of infrastructure.
Our ancestors used wood and fire for energy, later altering to coal and other solid fuels, and now we are in the era of gasoline and electricity.
With rapid growth in economy, we are no longer in an era where supply efficiency is highly valued. Now, people can choose their energy sources and control consumption. We can share our limited resources; live together in a world of give and take.
As pioneers and as a company of the new energy era, we intend to look to the next 100 years. For our irreplaceable earth and environment, and for the future of our children, we will set sail on this new ocean of energy.