Business Fields

◇ Energy and ecology consulting services

◇ Development and distribution of renewable energy facilities

◇ Land usage, mega solar power plant, and investment planning


◇ Renovation, utilization, and reselling of empty houses

◇ Business manager visa application and foreign entrepreneur support




Energy and ecology consulting services

■ Business Development

We propose plans for mega solar wind farms.
Total support from land development to power generation plans and cash flow. Our global network enables us to offer high-quality services with high cost-performance.


■ Research and Development

As we currently face depletion of fossil fuels, nuclear radiation hazards, global warming, and other environmental issues, “clean, safe, inexpensive, infinite energy sources” are sought.

The ultimate energy source has not yet been found. However, the ideal energy source surrounds us, and it is being used in Japan and around the world.

With practical use of the “Clean Energy Total System,” using magnetic force and applied science, a world without thermal power, nuclear power, and gasoline is unfolding before us.

We promote research and development for the success of distributed generators that will allow you to generate power whenever and wherever you want.


Product introduction


Development and distribution of renewable
energy facilities

◇ Our OEMs


Small Home Generator, “Sylphace 600.”
Rated Output Power 600W.

Hybrid home power generator system. (1.1kw, 1.6kw) are no longer sold.

◆Installation case


Home Capacitor System

Other than 1000W~2500W home use, we have 3000W and 5000W business use.

◇ Partner Company Supplies


Smart HEMs (Made in Japan)


Industrial Use Solar Panel (for Mega Solar)


Solar Powered LED Light (Made in Japan)


LED Fluorescent Tube (Made in Japan)

◇ Mega Solar Management and Maintenance Contracting Business

Management and maintenance is vital for making profit when investing in Mega Solar. Maintaining a suitable environment for generating power is fundamental for permanent profit. We will support you from low pressure connection to extra-high tension, and provide other support for individual investors.


Regular solar power washing


Weed control with herbivores


Abnormality checking with radio-control helicopters


Remote monitoring

◇ Development of Mega Solar Investing Businesses

We develop mega solar investment properties. With Feed-in Tariff, long term and stable high-yields are possible.

◆Mushikake, Tsuchiura-shi Solar Farm


◆Matsuida, Annaka Solar Farm


◆Nirasaki Solar. Income property (Application Period Closed)


◆Iwaki-shi, Fukushima Prefecture 20MW Project

◆Saitama Prefecture 250kw Project (Investors Wanted)


◆Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture 500kw Project (Investors Wanted)


◆Nagano Solar. Income property (Application Period Closed)


◆36Yen Solar. Income property (Application Period Closed)


◆Now selling Low Pressure PV! (32 yen/kw)

Mega Solar


Land usage, mega solar power plant,
and investment planning


◇ For companies considering effective land usage

Natural Energy Solution will offer effective land-use plans for vacant land over 1000. Mega solar power plants have an annual percentage yield of over 10%.


Old golf course


Old factory site


Old camp site


Rooftops of large buildings such as factories



(*may need to convert land in case of any administrative restrictions)


Unused land

◇ What is mega solar land-use?

The demand for mega solar power plants is rising as a way to use land that covers more than 1000 . By constructing large-scale solar panels on idle land, and selling the electricity to power supply companies, you can make a profit.


【 Total purchase of generated power is guaranteed by electric utilities 】

In August 2011, the Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources by Electricity Utilities was accepted by a unanimous vote, and implemented on the first of July, 2012. This law promises that power supply companies will purchase the power that is generated by renewable energy sources such as large-scale solar power plants, for 20 years at a fixed price. With implementation of this law, generating power through solar is now a safe and steady option for effective land-use.


Traditional Japanese House


Renovation, utilization, and reselling
of empty houses

Recently, due to the decline in population and aging society, empty houses are increasing. Lack of management of these buildings leads to several social and environmental issues, therefore utilization of these houses has been promoted.
Japanese houses have preserved history, traditions, and cultures to the present day, and many of these houses can be found in the villages of Japan. Traditional houses in particular have architectural significance, and play a vital role for passing on the Japanese traditions and unique regional cultures. By renovating and revitalizing these valuable we wish to connect communities and share Japanese culture within Japan and around the world.

◇ Nasu Karasuyama

Address: Sakai, Nasu-Karasuyama-shi, Tochigi Pref., Japan
We are currently renewing this 100 year old house as a “Kayabuki (thatch roof) Traditional House Lodge,” where you can experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle. We are collecting funds and cooperation through cloud funding.
Please visit the charity website,





◇ Nagano Togakushi


Address: Togakushi Tochihara, Nagano-shi, Nagano Pref., Japan

Guest House Renovation
We believe a further understanding of Japanese traditional houses will lead to protection and conservation of culture; and the best way to accomplish this is through lodging experiences. We are getting positive feedback from online accommodation market sites such as Airbnb and NINJA HOUSE.

The guest house is located in Nagano city, which recently attracted the attention of Japanese citizens with the new Hokuriku bullet train. Togakushi Shrine and the Kid’s Ninja Village are found in the outskirts of the city, and the number of tourists from outside the country is growing.






Visa application


Business manager visa application and
foreign entrepreneur support

We provide support for establishing business in Japan

Many people come from overseas wanting to start a business or establish a company in Japan. In order to establish and succeed, you need a Business Manager Visa. If the applicant does not have a Japanese visa, he or she will need to obtain this four month visa.

However, the requirements for opening a bank account is getting stricter by the year, and financial institutions will decline your account opening unless you have a Status of Residence for 6 months or more. Therefore, you will need a partner (individual or company) that holds a Status of Residence permitting a period of stay for more than one year.

If the applicant is staying in Japan, and already has another visa, he or she should apply for a Corporate Registration during the term of validity, and change the status of visa afterwards.

◇ Acquiring a Business Manager Visa

What is a Business Manager Visa?

A Business Manager Visa is a visa status for foreigners starting and running a business in Japan with a corporate capital of at least 5 million Japanese yen.

(The name “Business Investor Visa” changed to “Business Manager Visa” on April 1, 2015.)

The period of stay for the Business Manager Visa are; 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 4 months, or 3 months.

This visa status is for people with job titles such as president, director, or manager, who will actually be managing and running the business. This visa is risky, as you will need a large amount of money to apply.

If the visa is not approved, heavy loss may be inevitable, so a careful approach is crucial. Recently, more documents are required for immigration procedures, so there are more things to consider when immigrating and applying for visas.


Please feel free to contact us if have any of the following concerns!

1. Gaining Business Manager Visa to start a business in Japan.
2. Establishing a Japanese subsidiary for a company that has its headquarters in another country.
3. Being in charge of business managing on behalf of the investor.
4. Knowing more about the required documents and qualifications for gaining or renewing a Business Manager Visa.
5. Getting denied of a Business Manager Visa.


◇ Naturalization Application

What is a Naturalization Application?

Naturalization is a process when you forfeit your foreign nationality and live in Japan with a Japanese nationality. In Japan, you will need the approval of the Minister of Justice.

Nationalization will give you the same rights as a Japanese citizen, such as voting, obtaining a Japanese passport, and family registration.

Qualifications for Naturalization
From Article 5 of the Nationality Act:
The Minister of Justice shall not permit the naturalization of an alien unless he or she fulfills all of the following conditions:

1. that he or she has domiciled in Japan for five years or more consecutively;
2. that he or she is twenty years of age or more and of full capacity to act according to the law of his or her home country;
3. that he or she is of upright conduct;
4. that he or she is able to secure a livelihood by one’s own property or ability, or those of one’s spouse or other relatives with whom one lives on common living expenses;
5. that he or she has no nationality, or the acquisition of Japanese nationality will result in the loss of foreign nationality;
6. that he or she has never plotted or advocated , or formed or belonged to a political party or other organization which has plotted or advocated the overthrow of the Constitution of Japan or the Government existing thereunder, since the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan.

Business revitalization · M & A



The Company has also promoted initiatives of business revitalization and M & A.

We do not have to do with mainly consulting and brokerage business revitalization and M&A.

Heading the nature and value of the business itself, conducted a review of the business in order to take advantage of its characteristics to the fullest, we will make the improvement and reconstruction and profitability of its business with its own or partners.

At the time of with a path of a certain level of business, we will make the inheritance of the business to people like you want to enter the person or business you want to entrepreneurship.

We also accept consultation from owners who are troubed by business succession / closure(no successor etc.).