Our Mission

Japan is known for its lack of natural resources, however the society of this country is greatly influenced by “electricity.”
In the wake of the traumatic Great East Japan Earthquake, we believe more people are aware of the importance of “electricity,” and how difficult our lives would be without it.
It is safe to say that society is completely dependent on “electricity.” Unfortunately, resources that we need in order to generate power, such as fossil fuels, are mostly imported from overseas.

“What if those countries suddenly decide not to sell fossil fuels to Japan…?” What will happen to our current lifestyle? Can we be absolutely sure that this will never happen in the future?
As a “self-defense” measure, Natural Energy Solution provides consulting services and private power generator plans that will reduce your energy costs. We also aim to develop and promote small-scaled power generators that use the power of nature and the principles of natural science.

It is our responsibility to provide a sustainable society for future generations. We must choose our actions wisely today “for the better future of our children.”
Our mission is to think about the energy, environment, and future, and contribute in creating the next 100 years.

September, 2011
Natural Energy Solution Co., Ltd.
CEO Katsutoshi Shibuya

A Company that Keeps Trying

Our social environment is continuously changing, and the conscious of society changes too.

As a company, we keep trying in order to meet the demands of the social environment and the people.

We strive to provide services and products that will make our customers happy. We will make suggestions that benefits the needs of our customers.
Our challenge is to pursue cost demands and other requested services.

Post-Purchase Support System

Our company does not simply sell products and services without any post-purchase support.

We value long relations with our customers.
We have specific management support systems prepared for each product and service, with full-time staff and subcontracting companies for emergency and after services.

Our Global Network

We have 44 agencies, subcontracting companies, NPOs in the country, and branches overseas, we provide a variety of services.

We constantly spread information inside and outside the country, and develop our businesses through our global network.


■ Company Name Natural Energy Solution Co., Ltd.
■ CEO Katsutoshi Shibuya
■Headquarters/Branches: (HQ) Primera Dogenzaka 6F, 1-15-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(East Tokyo Showroom) 218-1 Fuchigami, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo, Japan

(Azumino Service Center) 5159 Omachi, Omachi-shi, Nagano Pref., Japan

(Shanghai Branch) Shanghai Minhang District Guanghua Road 2118 No.7 F110,China

■ Tel/Fax λ (03)6416-4961 / (03)6416-4962
■ Licenses and Certifications  Real Estate Dealer’s License.

Antique Dealer’s License

■ Antique Dealer’s License ¥40,000,000
■ Established August 23, 2011 (Founded: October, 2009)
■Principal Business Fields Energy and ecology consulting services

Development and distribution of renewable energy facilities

Land usage, mega solar power plant, and investment planning

Renovation, utilization, and resales of empty houses

Entrepreneur support, and Business restructuring operations



 Company History

2009 Oct  Opened as an individual agency for solar panel and LP gas sales.
2011 Aug  Established as a distributor for home wind turbines, capacitors, and solar panels. (Headquarters: Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Capital fund: 2 million yen)
2012 Mar  Initiated sales through a total of 44 distributors in Japan. (Increased capital to 22 million yen)
2012 Oct  Headquarters moved to Dogenzaka, Shibuya.
2012 Dec  Approved with the management innovation plan. (Received venture capital investment, and increased capital to 28 million yen)
2013 Apr  Launched a consulting business for mega solar power plants targeted at companies.
2013 Oct  Initiated business dealing in solar power generators targeted at investors.
2015 Feb  Certified as a real estate agency. Launched renovation and reselling business for empty houses.
2015 Sep  Opened the Eastern Tokyo Showroom (Akiruno-shi, Tokyo). Registered as an antique dealer by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commision.
2015 Oct  Opened a service center in Omachi-shi, Nagano Pref. for maintenance of our firm’s solar power generators.
2015 Dec  Increased capital to 40 million yen.
2016 Mar  Established our Shanghai Branch(Shanghai Energy Business Consulting Ltd. Capital fund: 500 thousand US dollars).
2016 May  Start the entrepreneur support consulting, and Business restructuring operations.